PensionsEurope CEO joins expert group

PensionsEurope CEO joins expert group

Matti Leppälä of PensionsEurope has been appointed to a high-level group of experts on pensions.

Leppälä, who is secretary general/CEO of PensionsEurope, has joined the European Commission’s group of pension experts, whose work began in July and will run for 18 months.

The European Commission decided to set up the expert group in late 2017. It consists of only three members representing stakeholders in pensions, as well as four academics, the EU level social partners, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority and the European Commission. The other stakeholder representatives come from Insurance Europe and AGE Platform Europe.

The expert group will provide policy advice to the European Commission on improving the provision, safety, intergenerational balance, adequacy and sustainability of supplementary (occupational and personal) pensions.

Leppälä and the other experts will be responsible of preparing an independent report providing analysis and policy advice on the role of supplementary pensions in contributing to adequacy of old age incomes and the development of their market in the EU.

The group will also contribute to the public debate on pensions and will promote the exchange of best practices and mutual learning in EU member states in a bid to promote supplementary pensions on a cross-border basis.

Leppälä said: “Setting up this expert group is very timely and important and I am delighted to have been selected to be a member of it.”

“The group will need a holistic and comprehensive approach that includes both the second and third pillars of the retirement provision and considers both adequacy and sustainability of pensions.”

“The group will need to look at innovative ways for further developing and strengthening workplace and personal pensions across Europe and I am confident that concrete results will be achieved. It will be important to not only set high-level policy recommendation, but to look at what can concretely be done.”

Janwillem Bouma, chair of PensionsEurope, added: On behalf of PensionsEurope’s board of directors, I would like to congratulate Matti for this important achievement. Even though Matti, as the other stakeholder representatives, has been appointed in personal capacity, the European Commission is also recognising PensionsEurope as the leading voice in the field of pensions, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes that the group will deliver in the next 18 months.”

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