Greater Manchester Pension Fund names first female chair

Greater Manchester Pension Fund names first female chair

The Greater Manchester Pension Fund has named its first ever female chair.

Councillor Brenda Warrington was appointed to the role on 31 January, following the death of Kieran Quinn, who sadly passed away over Christmas. Quinn held the role for seven years.

Labour councillor Warrington was also appointed as the first female executive leader of Tameside Council, which administers the Greater Manchester Pension Fund.

Warrington said: “I’m quite excited about the prospect though I’m not here because I’m a woman–I’m a person who was elected to do the job and I happen to be a woman. I hope that more and more women are able to achieve senior positions and top jobs.”

“I’m not afraid of hard work and to tackle the difficult issues and I care about people, particularly those who are more vulnerable.”

Under Quinn’s leadership, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund experienced record growth and at £23 billion is now the largest local government pension scheme in the UK. Quinn also led the way on the national debate about pension fund pooling and using investment to drive growth.

Warrington said: “Kieran was an absolutely superb leader and chair. He had lots of energy and good ideas, was innovative, passionate and a hard worker. He didn’t expect anyone to do something he wasn’t prepared to do himself and I admired that in him.”

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