PLSA launches three new guides for pension funds

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has published three new Made Simple Guides covering fiduciary management, data and integrated risk management.

Schroders, Equiniti, and Cardano and Lincoln Pensions, have written the new guides for pension funds and their service providers. The guides have been made available to download for free from the PLSA website.

The guides are designed to help pension funds and others in the industry to get to grips with technical topics.

The Fiduciary Management Made Simple Guide, for example, aims to help pension scheme trustees understand how fiduciary management can help them overcome the typical difficulties faced by defined benefit pension schemes in managing investment portfolios.

Fiduciary management has grown considerably over the past decade in the UK, according to Hannah Simons, head of fiduciary management at Schroders, meaning it has become more complex.

She added: “We hope that this guide helps trustees understand the breadth of Fiduciary Management services, as well as explaining ways in which it can help overcome the typical difficulties faced by schemes in managing investment portfolios.”

“We also include a guide on how to select a fiduciary manager, while highlighting certain aspects of the subject which trustees should consider carefully before they adopt such an approach.”

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